Seminars on the Aerial, CCTV and Satellite Industry


We are currently working on our seminar programme for Evolving Connectivity 2020.  Watch this space ...


9:30 - Registration & Show Opens

10:50 - Peter Sealey, Chairman, CAI - Welcome & Introduction

11.00 - Ben Roome of DMSL/at800 - 700 MHz clearance update

Update on viewer support for 700 MHz clearance:
Ben will provide an update on viewer support for 700 MHz clearance and the planned close of the programme in mid-2020. If possible, at the time, Ben may provide DMSL's observations on the future challenges of coexistence between new mobile services operating at 700 MHz and DTT.

About Ben - Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd (DMSL) is the company responsible for providing 4G/TV co-existence support and is also working alongside Digital UK to provide viewer support for the government's programme to clear DTT from 700 MHz spectrum to make it available for mobile broadband.  Ben joined DMSL to help set-up its operation in February 2013.  Prior to this, Ben worked in the telecoms infrastructure, leading global teams in Nokia and Nortel.

11.20 - John Furlong of Digital UK – The Future of Freeview

The Future of Freeview
How Freeview is evolving as a hybrid DTT/IP platform and responding to the challenges of a fast-changing market.

About John - John is Head of Operations for Digital UK, the company that operates the Freeview platform. His team works closely with partners including TV manufacturers, channels, on-demand content providers, multiplex operators and the Freeview Advice Line to ensure that viewers enjoy the best free TV platform in the world.  John has previously worked for the BBC, Ofcom and Channel 4, in a variety of roles covering production, distribution, commercial management, policy and operations.

11.40 - Peter Madry of Ofcom - TV and Radio broadcasting - into the 2020s

TV and Radio broadcasting - into the 2020s
What’s happening in the world of terrestrial broadcasting including an update on the 700 MHz clearance programme, as well as a look forward to what might come next.

About Peter - After leaving University in 1987, Peter spent 15 years building Radio and Television transmitters for the BBC and Commercial broadcasters. He then spent a short while at the Independent Television Commission advising on TV reception, before coming into Ofcom. He provides technical input to Ofcom’s broadcasting and spectrum projects such as 700 MHz clearance and the licensing of Digital Radio services.

12.00 - Group Q&A session with the above keynote speakers

12.30 till 14.30 - Lunch Break

14:30 - Alex Buchan of DTG - UK Digital TV Roadmap (Consumer Led & Market Driven)

UK Digital TV Roadmap (Consumer Led & Market Driven)
The UK TV market is world leading when it comes to innovation in terms of the range of content choice both free to air and paid-for, how it’s delivered, and the devices that support it. This may not be as obvious as in other countries where innovation is centrally driven such as the US moving to ATSC 3.0. This presentation will highlight the developments in the UK TV industry and the roadmap it has formed and how this is being led by consumer demand.

About Alex - Alex Buchan is Head of Wireless Technologies at Digital TV Group (DTG), the industry collaboration centre for broadcast and digital media. A Chartered Engineer by profession, Alex is working on how the latest technologies can play a role in the future of TV delivery. He manages a broad range of events, working groups and international collaborations for the DTG and runs their UKAS accredited wireless testing facilities.

15.00 - Robin Earl of DEHN UK Ltd - SPDs to BS 7671 & BS EN 60728-11 & BS EN 62305

SPDs to BS 7671 & BS EN 60728-11 & BS EN 62305
Now that the 18th edition of BS 7671 has been released for over a year and the requirements of BS EN 60728-11 are aligned with the need for surge protection in cable networks for television signals.  This seminar will look at the ways to ensure compliance and how challenging the established working practices of the lightning protection industry can deliver more robust installations for commercial applications.  We shall also examine the risk assessment for the domestic market.

About Robin- Robin has been involved wih the surge protection industry for over 20 years.  As Market Development Manager of DEHN UK Limited Robin has seen many changes within the market and had been making the subject as accessible as possible to a widening designer and installer base.  As part of the changes to the 18th edition of BS 7671 Robin is often giving seminars and CPD on the subject of surge protection.  Robin is a member of JPEL sub- committee D that coproduces the IET/BE 7671 wiring regulations.

15.30 - Andre Santos of Freesat - More than a platform

More than a platform-
Reshaping Freesat’s proposition to better serve customers and partners

About Andre - With over 17 years of marketing communications experience, Andre has spent the last 15 years of it working for technology companies; from silicon chip makers to home electronics and latterly mobile network operators.  Andre spent 5 years at O2 (until the end of 2017) where Andre’s core focus was the acquisition of new customers across all O2's main categories - mobile phones, tablets and sim-only.  Andre’s team was responsible for the inception and delivery of all campaigns that pertained to product launches, promotions or seasonal events, ensuring that the efficiency and effectiveness of those campaigns were carefully monitored and optimised.  Prior to Freesat, Andre held a contract role as Marketing Director at The People's Operator, where Andre oversaw the acquisition and retention of customers for the cause-based MVNO.

17:00 - Exhibition Closes

*Seminar programme titles, content and timings are subject to change.*